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F**K Yeah Comics! - Queer Edition

F**K Yeah Comics! - Queer Edition

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We LOVE Comics, and we think you might too:
But a lot of folks feel marginalised and alienated by the massive & sprawling world of rather cis-white-hetero-normative superhero comics.
SO, we've made a zine full of alternative comic recommendations - from indie webcomics, to professional published titles.
Go forth and read something new!

This first issue is The Queer Edition: We've got a big interview with Christian Beranek & Kelci Crawford, the duo behind Validation; the story of Ally, a wayward transgal who loves comics, blogging and dinosaurs, and her mostly normal day-to-day life.
It also contains some excerpts from our interviews with Erika Moen & Aero Zero, and a whole host of reviews and recommendations of other titles.

NSFW titles are labelled as such, and there is plenty that's good for all ages.

14 Page Zine
Black & White, with colour cover
Full of LGBTQ+ comic reviews
Independent home-printed zine.

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