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F**K Yeah Comics! - Valentoween Edition

F**K Yeah Comics! - Valentoween Edition

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We LOVE Comics, and we think you might too:
So here's a bunch of indie & new comics you may not have read. Behold: The Valentoween Edition - It's relevant twice a year!
Basically we wanted to recommend Dead City, Deadendia and 100 Times, and the common factors were a bit of Horror, and a bit of Romance. We're great with being thematic. Deal with it.

This 2nd issue has 14 recommendations for you, an interview with Topaz Comics ( Jey Pawlik & Michelle Parker) about their comics Dead City & Gender Slices, and a tonne of Intersectional Diversity because why the hell not.
NSFW titles are labelled as such, and there is plenty that's good for all ages.

14 Page Zine
Black & White, with colour cover
Full of Spooky yet Romantic comic reviews
Independent home-printed zine.

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